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Project Description

This is the home of the new MapWindow version, called MapWindow v5.


  • (05-12 2015) v5.0.3.1 is released, this is a hotfix and solves the annoying prompting about installer the new downloaded version.
  • (29-11 2015) v5.0.3.0 is released and ready for download.
  • (19-10 2015) The first beta installers are ready for download:

For the current version of MapWindow v4.8 you can go to

We're always looking for C#, C++ and OpenCL/OpenGL developers.
If you have design skills we need you as well ;)

We've created a document if you want to compile MW5 yourself: Compile MW5

To stay updated follow these links:


We have several companies that support this project:

  • JetBrains for giving us a free license of ReSharper: A Developer Productivity Tool for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Syncfusion for giving us a free license of their Enterprise class toolkit with 110+ unique controls for Windows Forms
  • TopX Geo-ICT, The Netherlands for providing developers to work on this project and give (paid) support for MapWindow

JetBrains ReSharper

Since 2010 JetBrains has given us a license for their ReSharper product. We can use it while developing Open Source software for the MapWindow project.
Thanks to ReSharper our source code is getting better and easier to maintain.
MapWindow GIS v5 will not only be compliant with StyleCop but also with ReSharper.


E-iceblue is a community sponsor of MapWinGIS. E-iceblue components enable developers to Open, Create, Modify, Convert, Print, View MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.
E-iceblue offers Excel(xls,xlsx), Word(doc,docx), PowerPoint, PDF .NET components for converting, reading, creating, editing and printing in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, etc.

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