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How to create a plug-in for MapWindow5

We're working on an easy workflow for developers to create their own plug-in for MapWindow5.
We don't have a lot of documentation yet. You need to learn the structure by looking at existing plug-ins.
We've made a template plug-in, which you can use as a base for your own plug-in.

With MapWindow 5 we use SyncFusion's Essential Studio. They have a community license you can use. Claim your free license here: SyncFusion
You only need to WinForms part.

This is the recommended workflow. We've tested in on a Windows10-x86 machine with VS2013 Community.
  1. Install the latest stable installer, available at and install it in a different location than C:\Program Files because you'll need rights to write your plug-in dll to it. I suggest C:\dev\MapWindow5\
  2. Download one of the following zip-files. The version number relates to the MW5 version you have installed:
It contains a VS2013 solution with several projects for a few core plug-ins and the template plug-in. Unzip it, I suggest C:\dev\plugins\
  1. Open the solution. You need to change some paths.
    • Select the properties of each project and add a reference path to the location of the MapWindow5 dlls, see step 1.
    • In the properties of the plug-in you want to debug you also need to set the location of MapWindow.exe.

Change AssemblyInfo.cs

When you start with copying the template plug-in you need to adjust AssemblyInfo.cs to match your values. You can find this file in the Properties folder of your plug-in:

At least create a new GUID. In VS2013 this can be done via the 'Tools'-menu and then 'Create GUID':

You should now be able to compile and debug your plug-in.


If you have questions you can post them at the discussion page on codeplex:
Happy coding and keep us informed of your progress.

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